Thursday, 19 April 2012

What is Podiatry Melbourne

Foot print on beach
Foot print on beach

What is Podiatry in Melbourne?

Podiatry or podiatric medicine is a division of medicine dedicated to the identification and treatment of ailments to the foot, ankle, and lower leg regions.

Podiatry medicine is practiced by Podiatrist's. Who undertake university training for their qualification.

In Melbourne Australia, Latrobe University provides a 4 year podiatry course called the Bachelor of Health Sciences and Master of Podiatric Practice. Prior to 2009 this course was known as the Bachelor of Podiatry.

Podiatrist's training qualifies them to remedy a number of foot conditions. The lower leg and foot conditions Podiatrists can treat include: Ankle Sprain healing, treatment and prevention, Arch Pain one of the most common foot complaints that people have, Blisters preventable and annoying pockets of fluid that form under the skin, Bunions appear as a 'bump' on the toe, Corns & Calluses harden skinned caused by friction,Cracked Heels dry skin around the heel of the foot, Forefoot Pain pain in the forefoot or ball of the foot, Fungus feet skin and toe-nail Infection those gross infections that can change the color and thickness of the nail, heel pain sore spots right near the heel bone towards the foots base, Ingrown Toenails when your toenails start growing into the skin, quite painful to remove if left to long, Feet Joint or Arthritic Pain when inflamed cartilage causes you pain in your foot joints, Plantar Warts warts that grow on your feet, Shins & Knee Pain sometimes called shin splints, Stress Fractures due to stress caused to bearing extra weight on the feet.

The most common consultations that a Podiatrist will conduct with patients is usually general treatments on toe nails, bunions and corns. However what a lot of people dont realise is that Podiatrist's can actually perform many more services for your foot, ankle and lower legs.

The services a Melbourne Podiatrist are able to provide, to help your foot issues include: Ballet Dancer Pre Pointe Foot assessments to determine if your foots structure is adequate to perform pre-pointe correctly, Children's Feet Assessment, taking into account the different stages of growth that occurs during age groups. Diabeties suffering feet issues, for those that are suffering from diabetes conditions. Dry Needling to stimulate muscle fibres. Relatively new to Podiatry practice.

Footwear Advice on which shoes are appropriate for you foot type and activity. General Podiatry services and treatments for sore feet. Further Investigations into foot problems that require more diagnosis such as xray, CATscan. Orthotics Prescription and management of the function of orthotics in different shoes. Oxfam Trailwalker Preparation Guide and help with strapping for the event. Sports Injury management and recovery plan to get you back on your feet! Surgical Podiatry where minor operations are necessary to help your feet.Video Gait Analysis to make an accurate, medical based, assessment on your running and walking patterns.If a podiatrist is unable to solve your foot problems, they are able to refer you on to further specialists

Generally when people sprain their ankles, they dont realise they can see a Podiatrist for treatments. Most people would visit their local Physio, not understanding that a Melbourne Podiatrist has studied the foot and ankle extensively. And is well placed to provide treatment on sprained ankles!

One Podiatry Clinic in Melbourne, that provides a wide variety of podiatry services is the Pivotal Podiatry Clinic. You can find out more information about them, by visiting there website, click here.


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