What are Foot Orthotics Melbourne?

ORTHOTICS are inner soles that are put inside your shoes to improve the posture, pressure distribution and function of your foot.

It is quite common for people to have structural alignment problems with their feet, which can lead to foot pain, problems in the knees and lower leg, inefficient gait, muscle fatigue, early onset of osteo-arthritis, excessive shoe wear and hip or back pain.

Different Orthotic Options

There are many options when it comes to Orthotics. A podiatrist can recomend a suitable type of Orthotic based on your need.

The range includes pre-fabricated Orthotics, also referred to as off the shelf. Semi-Customized Orthotics, ranging right up to fully customised Orthotics. The price also varies, with off the shelf being the cheapest around $100 and depending on what is included from your podiatrist, customised Orthotics can cost around $650. When comparing different Podiatrists on pricing for Custom Orthotics Melbourne, you need to ask what is included exactly with the cost. Some Podiatrists include the consultations and subsequent check ups for free, whilst others do not.

Your Podiatrist needs to thoroughly consider your individual foot type and situation before prescribing Orhtotics. As well as what activities you will be doing, what footwear you wear, growth phase (ie childrens feet) and individual budget.

For a Podiatry Clinic that provides orthotic prescriptions and assessments in Melbourne, you can visit the Pivotal Podiatry Clinic. Details about this podiatry clinic, can be seen, by clicking here.